Board Committees


Curriculum & Programs

Reviews curriculum, texts, and programs in order to recommend Board adoption, carefully considering the issues and research related to the education of all children.

Fiscal Planning & Operations

Ensures resources are allocated and utilized in accordance with the Board's short and long term educational and operational goals and objectives.

Policy & Legislative

1. Continually reviews District Policies to ensure compliance with Federal and State Law and Regulations and recommends policy updates to the full Board as necessary to maintain compliance.
2. Reviews newly proposed policy language as requested by the Board and/or Administration and makes recommendations to the full Board regarding its adoption.
3. Solicits feedback from the Public to ensure that District Policies and Procedures are reflective of the desires of the Piscataway Community.
4. Monitors legislative developments impacting public education at the State, County, and Local levels and provides regular reports to the full Board on these developments, including recommendations for legislative advocacy where applicable.

Culture, Climate, & Community Relations

Promotes a partnership of healthy communication between our schools and our community. This committee will work in collaboration with representatives of the Piscataway Schools as well as community stakeholders to support, improve, promote and develop:

(a) Support community awareness of educational opportunities;
(b) Improve parent and community involvement within our schools.
(c) Promote a culture of positive and healthy learning within our schools; and
(d) Develop the physical climate of schools thereby boosting a climate of safety, morale, and pride.

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