Welcome to the Parent Center section of our website where we will strive to include all the important and relevant information you will need as a parent of a Piscataway Township School student. We hope to build valuable resources and links to keep you informed about all aspects of our schools. 

Parents make a huge impact on a child's education by being aware of events, policies and changes in their local school. Your influence and involvement will directly affect your child's success and we hope our website will serve as invaluable means of communication and awareness with our parent community.

Three great resources are posted below.  These websites are filled with information that will benefit you and your family.

Please check out the Milestones Great Kids website, whose mission is to help millions of parents help their kids get the best education possible. They feature short videos for parents that show what children in grades K-5 should be able to do in each grade.

Check it out!
Please check out the NJSBA website, which is resource to parents so that they can be better informed on educational policy debates such as school funding, testing, school choice, and others.

Another Great Resource for Parents...