District Goals and Plans


1. Student Achievement and Engagement
To provide a range of opportunities that engage and inspire all students and allow them to reach their maximum potential.

2. Community Engagement and Involvement
To provide communication methods and engagement programs to all our stakeholders and families that will offer educational and involvement opportunities.

3. Health and Wellness
To promote student and staff wellness through programs, activities, and access to supportive resources.

4. Facilities / Finance
Maximize all funding resources to enable the district to provide and support a safe and engaging learning environment.


1. Promote a culture of individual wellness, mental health advocacy, and build social emotional learning
a. Strengthen district wellness and mental health initiatives, and provide opportunities for staff and students to practice self-care
b. Restructure and strengthen interaction with outside wellness providers
c. Increase acceptance of and appreciation for cultural diversity and economic and social differences
d. Improve community outreach and engagement to ensure all stakeholders are aware of the District’s wellness and mental health supports and how they are accessed

2. Expand efforts to assess and increase Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) among students, staff, and families
a. Continue efforts and events to welcome input from all stakeholders regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion
b. Develop and sustain successful DEI committees in all schools
c. Ensure that all curriculum and educational opportunities are available to all students
d. Increase staff professional development to improve culturally sensitive communication with students as well as diversity, equity and inclusion

3. Continue to research and implement the safest school environment practices for our students and staff
a. Research, adjust, and strengthen the district’s safety procedures in alignment with best practices
b. Continue to work with the Piscataway Police department and other outside agencies for preparedness
c. Communicate to stakeholders appropriate safety information
d. Make fiscally responsible budget decisions that help ensure the most effective safety measures for our district

4. Enhance and expand opportunities for non-college bound learners
a. Continue to provide exposure to current trades and other opportunities to high school students including guest speakers, site visits, and counseling experts
b. Systematically introduce high school and middle school students and families to concepts surrounding various paths to successful careers

5. Continue building access to and effective use of technology among students and staff
a. Continue to provide professional development to enhance teaching strategies that use new programs, apps, and other tools
b. Provide equal access to technology and tools to all students to ensure equal opportunities for all students
c. Prepare students to be safe and responsible digital citizens


1. Educate: The Board will engage in professional development opportunities including trainings with the NJSBA, book group discussions exploring topics relevant to educational theory and practice, and retreats to review the district’s academic achievement and progress toward the district goals.

2. Communicate: The Board will streamline its communication between and among its members through tech-based training, exploration of paperless meetings and communication, and utilization of technological tools and devices to become more efficient.

3. Support: The Board will support and foster a culture of social and emotional learning through Board actions and District Wellness & Mental Health programs and services.

4. Inspire: The Board will continue to support the YOU, I, WE Inspire initiative with an added emphasis on programs that seek to bridge the achievement gap and promote educational equity.