Student Information Directory


• School districts are permitted by law to compile, publicize and make available a Student Information Directory including the following: name, grade level, date and place of birth, dates of school attendance, major field of study, participation in officially recognized activities, weight and height relating to athletic team membership, degrees and awards. The Student Information Directory also includes the most recent education agency attended by the student and other similar information about juniors and seniors in high school.

• This information is not routinely publicized to news media or commercial organizations. It is considered available to the general public upon request, as well as for armed services and college recruiting, scholarship opportunities, etc.

• Parents who choose not to allow the District to include this information in the Student Information Directory must complete the Non-disclosure Form included in summer mailings and return it to your son’s/daughter’s principal/assistant principal within ten days of receiving it. If the form is not returned, the District will assume you are allowing the release of student information to educational, occupational and military recruiters, and others who have access to the Student Information Directory.

• In addition, the District will maintain a School Contact Directory for official use, which will include the following information for each student: name, address, telephone number, date of birth and school of enrollment. This will be provided for official use only to judicial, law enforcement and medical personnel.

• Further questions or concerns regarding the Student Information Directory or the Student Contact Directory should be directed to your son’s/daughter’s principal.