Educational Tools for Students


Create a poster with several different templates, colors, photos etc.


Read Cube is an interesting free app for students to keep their research articles organized.  The way this is done by uploading PDF's into a folder and then having full control over them.  This means users can search, highlight, and edit all in one place.

Snappy Words

Free online visual English dictionary and thesaurus!


Word Stash

WordStash allows you to create and customize your own digital flashcards. You can create flash cards with anything. Such as dates for History class, vocabulary for French class, or words for the SAT.



Want to reduce stress, anxiety and fear? Change your life by starting a daily meditation practice. ZenFriend helps you to build this habit by offering a beautiful timer, a worldwide community and a way to keep a record of how much you meditate all in the one place.

Interactive Encyclopedia

An interactive encyclopedia.


This is a free automatic bibliography and citation maker.

Building Big

     Building Big is a interactive lab that lets you test forces against different shapes and materials.