District Administration

Piscataway Township Schools

1515 Stelton Road
Piscataway, New Jersey 08854

District Administration

Central Administration

Dr. Frank Ranelli        Superintendent of Schools franelli@pway.org
David Oliveira Business Administrator/Board Secretary doliveira@pway.org x2532
Dr. William Baskerville Assistant Superintendent baskerville@pway.org x2561
Colleen Pongratz  Director of Administrative Services  cpongratz@pway.org  x2522 
Catherine Sousa Director of Human Resources csousa@pway.org x2540
Deidre Ortiz Director of Pupil Services dortiz@pway.org x2554
Dr. Alex Gray Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion  agray@pway.org x2513 


District Management Staff

Janine Albanese  Supervisor of K-12 ELA/9-12 Social Studies  jalbanese@pway.org  x2589 
Noel Aprile  Supervisor of Special Projects naprile@pway.org x2233 
John Bartruff   Manager of Information Systems  jbartuff@pway.org  x2577 
Dawn Brzozowski
Supervisor of K-8 Special Education  dbrzozowski@pway.org x2559 
Jeffrey Celebre Supervisor of K-8 Science jcelebre@pway.org  x2506
Dr. Deborah Dawson  Supervisor of K-8 Counseling & Behaviorists, and K-12 Health Services  ddawson@pway.org  x4581 
Rebecca Dayton  Supervisor of PreK-6 Mathematics   rdayton@pway.org  x2598 
Kimberly Georgeian Director of Community Programs kgeorgeian@pway.org x2520
William R. Griffith Facilities Manager wgriffith@pway.org x2613
Robert Harmer
Supervisor of Physical Education (9-12) / 
Athletic Director

Christopher Irovando  Supervisor of Instructional Technology/ K-8 Social Studies
cirovando@pway.org x2016 
Molly Lange
Program Supervisor / Special Education  mlange@pway.org  x2537 
Judy Palermo
Public Information Officer/Webmaster jpalermo@pway.org x2582 
Julia Schick  Supervisor of Physical Education (K-8) / 
Assistant Athletic Director
Rebekah Sterlacci Supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts rsterlacci@pway.org x2807
Melissa Voigt

Supervisor of 9-12 Special Education

mvoigt@pway.org x2267
Frank Wrublevski  Supervisor of 7-12 Mathematics  fwrublevski@pway.org x2539 

Key Phone Numbers        
Community Education, Before and After-School Care, 
Preschool, and Summer Camp
Enrollment Center        732-572-2289 x2528
Food Service        732-981-0700 x2289
Transportation        732-572-2289 x2472