Our Inspiring Heroes


Piscataway Township Schools has launched a program to remember and honor the contributions of individuals who, during their lifetime, through devotion to young people, acts of heroism, or other virtuous conduct above and beyond the call of duty, have become iconic figures in the Piscataway school community. The nomination process for “Our Inspiring Heroes” in now open.

Nominations require, among other information, a short biography of the nominee, along with a list of outstanding accomplishments and exemplary qualities. A signature list of 200 current Piscataway residents is also required. All nominees must receive Board approval to become one of “Our Inspiring Heroes.”

To memorialize the District’s appreciation of the selected individuals’ accomplishments and inspiring qualities, the Board will honor “Our Inspiring Heroes” on this website. Photographs of selected honorees will be displayed along with a narrative account of the honoree’s exemplary contributions and attributes.

The nomination window is open! Nomination forms and petition forms can be found by clicking on the navigation buttons on the left side of this page.