Dr. Ranelli speaks on importance of preschool

Dr. Ranelli speaks about importance of preschool funding alongside local leaders
Posted on 05/19/2023
This is the image for the news article titled Dr. Ranelli speaks about importance of preschool funding alongside local leadersPiscataway Superintendent Dr. Frank Ranelli spoke Friday, May 19, about the importance of federal funding for preschool programs at a press conference where local and federal leaders spoke about debt ceiling negotiations in Washington.

“In Piscataway, we have a very robust preschool program,” Dr. Ranelli told a gathering of residents and news media. “Preschool is extremely important. It sets that foundation of understanding so many areas of communication. We notice a huge achievement gap between students who come to our schools from our preschool program, or any preschool program, and students who don’t.”

The event at the Piscataway Senior Citizens Center was organized and hosted by Congressman Frank Pallone and Piscataway Mayor Brian Walher, who spoke about a range of funding priorities, including veterans, education, senior citizens programs, food security, health care, law enforcement, and infrastructure.

board member speaking at podium

Piscataway Board of Education member Brenda Smith also spoke about the importance of funding for senior citizens programs, veterans, and education.

Piscataway serves over 600 preschool students at three locations of Children’s Corner Preschool, funded through the New Jersey Preschool Education Aid Program.

“Many school districts have their own preschool programs, and it just makes sense that if they’re in their preschool programs and flow into kindergarten and first grade, they’re going to have that foundation that they need to be successful,” Dr. Ranelli said. “It helps teach interaction, problem solving, teamwork, and really an understanding of socialization.”

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Dr. Ranelli also pointed out that having a child in a full-day preschool programs also allow parents time to enter or re-enter the workforce.

“It helps them be part of the community, it helps them be a part of the economy,” he said. “These dollars have a direct impact on our society today, and in four years, eight years, 20 years.

“I implore whoever is listening, we need more money for preschool education, not less.”