Concussion Information for Parents and Athletes


With the increasing concern over youth concussion occurrence in sports, it is necessary for coaches, parents, and student athletes to be educated on the most current information. It is important to know the facts, the signs and symptoms to look for, and what to do in case your child may have sustained a concussion. Early detection and proper care can keep an athlete from sustaining potential life threatening injuries. It is now board policy for all athletes trying out and/or competing on a sports team to be screened.  Screening information will come from the Athletic Trainers.

Here are some helpful websites that provide information for parents and athletes regarding concussions:

If your child does sustain a concussion they will need to report to and work with our School Nurses and/or Athletic Trainers. All concussed athletes are required to complete the Return to Play protocol prior to returning to their sport. Progress will be monitored by the Athletic Trainers and the Team Physician for Piscataway schools. 

Return to Play Protocol 

  •  Minimum 7 days of no signs/symptoms of concussion
  • Completion of a full day of normal cognitive activities without re-mergence of any signs or symptoms.If no return of symptoms, next day advance to
  • Light aerobic exercise, which If no return of symptoms, next day advance to:
  • Sport-specific exercise, If no return of symptoms, next day advance to
  • Non-contact training drills, If no return of symptoms, next day advance to:
  • Impact Concussion re-test and comparison to baseline screen testing 
  • Following medical clearance (consultation between school health care personal, i.e., Athletic Trainer, Team Physician, School Nurse and student-athlete’s physician) participation in normal training activities.If no return of symptoms, next day advance to:
  • Return to play involving normal exertion or game activity.


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