2020-2021 Re-Entry FAQs

We want to ensure that all students, parents and guardians have a full understanding of the Piscataway Schools Re-Entry Plan for the 2020-2021 school year, and have begun building this FAQ document for easy access to questions and answers. We will update this page regularly, as information becomes available. Updated sections and pages will be clearly marked by date.

SCHEDULING AND SCHOOLS (updated 8/5/2020)
FACE COVERINGS (updated 8/5/2020)
TRANSPORTATION (updated 8/5/2020)
TECHNOLOGY (updated 8/5/2020)
FOOD SERVICES (updated 8/5/2020)
VISITORS (updated 8/5/2020)
OTHER QUESTIONS (updated 8/5/2020)


When Will the 2020-2021 Schedule be Announced? (updated 8/5/2020)
The schedule for 2020-2021 was announced to parents and families on July 31, 2020. The two schedule options-- the Hybrid In-School Remote Option and the Remote Only Option--were sent to parents on August 3, 2020, with a selection deadline of August 10, 2020.

Will Our Students Stay Home for Virtual Instruction for a Portion of the Week?
Yes. As of now there are very strict social distancing directives from the State that do not make full-time, in-person learning possible.

Is There an Option for Virtual Instruction Only?

Will students be allowed to change their schedule option from the Hybrid In-School Remote Option to the Remote Only Option and vice versa? (updated 8/5/2020)
Yes, allowing a one-week processing period.


Are Face Coverings Required for All Students?
Yes. Exceptions will be made for students with medical conditions who provide a doctor's note. More information regarding this process will follow. There will be times throughout the day when masks will not be required. While eating at lunch, outside at recess or physical education, etc. There will also be mask breaks built into the day during various times.

Are Face Coverings Required for All Teachers?
Yes. Exceptions will be made for teachers with medical conditions.

Will Face Coverings be Provided or Are Students Expected to Provide their Own? (updated 8/5/2020)
It is preferred that students bring and wear their own masks to school. We will have disposable masks on hand for students who do not have them. 
Face coverings should be labeled and meet school dress code requirements.

Will face covering “breaks” will be built into the school day? (updated 8/5/2020)


How Many Students Will Ride Our Buses? (updated 8/5/2020)
Our buses will be operate at a reduced capacity. All students will be required to sit in their own seat and wear a face covering the entire ride to and from school. Face coverings must also be worn at the bus stop.

Will Barriers be Placed on Buses?
No barriers are planned for buses.

Will buses be cleaned between each route? (updated 8/5/2020)
Buses will be disinfected between each route with special attention paid to high touch areas.


How Do We Ensure that All Students Have Access to Necessary Technology?
The district will provide a one-to-one device to all students in Kindergarten through Grade 12. We will work with families to ensure all students have internet access at home.

What video conferencing platforms will schools use to connect? (updated 8/5/2020)  
Our K-3 classes will use Google Classrooms to connect, while our 4-12 classes will use both Zoom and Schoology to connect.

Will Food Services be Available to Students in 2020-2021?
Yes. But the food will be grab and go.

What Will Our Cafeterias Look Like?
Most of our cafeterias will have desks placed at least six feet apart so we can maximize the safe space in the cafeteria.

How Will Cafeterias be Cleaned and Sanitized?
The serving lines and the desk/table areas will be cleaned after each lunch period.

Will s
tudents be allowed to remove face coverings when eating or drinking? (updated 8/5/2020)  

How will students who receive free/reduced meals receive meals on their remote learning days? (updated 8/5/2020)         
Students receiving free/reduced meals will take home meals for remote learning days and will receive home delivery if quarantined.


Will Our Students Participate in Athletics and Extra-Curricular Activities?  (updated 8/5/2020)         
The District will follow NJSIAA regulations for high school sports;
 no middle school sports are planned at this time. Extracurricular activities will be decided based on health and safety regulations.

Are students who choose the Remote Instruction Only Learning Option allowed to participate in sports or competition teams? (updated 8/5/2020)                             
Students who choose the Remote Instruction Only Learning Option are eligible to participate in any middle and high school sport or competition team in which the district participates in the fall of 2020-2021


Will Visitors be Allowed in the Buildings? (updated 8/5/2020)
Very sparingly. We will set up drop-off points near the main office so parents can drop off any items to their children without entering the building. We ask that all possible business be taken care of remotely. 
Visitor procedures considered include screenings, drop-off points, and deliveries. V
isitor directions will come from building principals.


Will the District Continue to Rent Facilities to Outside Groups during the Pandemic? (updated 8/5/2020)
We will not rent out indoor facilities to outside groups. We will use the time outside our school days for cleaning and disinfecting.

What additional cleaning protocols will be in place for the 2020-2021 school year?
 (updated 8/5/2020)
·Extensive deep cleaning of all schools and facilities will be completed during the summer.
·Increased cleaning protocols will  be instituted in all buildings and classrooms, with an emphasis on high touch/high traffic areas.
·Disinfectant is readily available to all staff so cleaning can take place throughout the day.
·Equipment will be cleaned and sanitized before and after use.
·Areas used by a sick person will be closed for proper cleaning and disinfecting.
·Ventilation systems will be cleaned and serviced to ensure the cleanest air possible.