PiscatawayREADS 2019
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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

PiscatawayREADS is a community-based initiative to promote reading and the enhancement of literacy among all its members.  Literacy, the ability to read, write, and communicate clearly, facilitates success in school and in life and guides us in social and cultural interactions.  

To promote participation in the event, students throughout the district are provided with free age-appropriate books. Students commit to reading their books before the final program, at which time they take part in book talks, literacy activities, and more.

This year, PiscatawayREADS will hold multiple events throughout the year. The first event takes place on Wednesday, October 24, in the PHS Media Center. We invite students to attend and take part in discussions around this years theme: Journeys. Students will share favorite books about journeys, as well as personal thoughts about journeys -- ones they have taken and ones they hope to take.