Grades 6-8

The Piscataway Middle School Social Studies department believes that all of our students are capable of learning and achieving at high levels.  In order to prepare our students for a rigorous high school experience and success in the 21st century world, we attempt to provide an educational program that fosters growth in the areas of critical thinking, literacy, writing, and the usage of technology.  Our social studies students will:

   Connect past history to the present day

   Understand cause and effect in history

   Understand the relationships among the geography, the government, the economy, and the technology in a society

   Analyze literary and non-literary sources of information for their central idea, supporting details, potential bias, and credibility

   Compare multiple sources to find consistencies and inconsistencies

   Think critically to develop reasoned judgments

   Develop and present logical and organized arguments (both written and oral) based upon a variety of sources and credible evidence

   Understand and explain American civic values

   Become positive contributors to a local, national, and global community

   Consider multiple perspectives

   Promote cultural understanding

   Inform themselves about current issues and develop reasoned opinions and arguments

   Use 21st century technology to effectively research, communicate, and collaborate

Social Studies instruction will be based upon the "I do, we do, you do" model.  To the greatest degree possible, we will attempt to base instruction upon inquiry, finding applications to the real world, and collaboration among members of the class.  Modes of instruction can include independent and collaborative research, reciprocal teaching, learning stations, debate/discussion/mock trials, student presentations, and Socratic seminars.

Our sixth grade students study American History, beginning with the Colonies and ending with the Civil War.

Our seventh grade students study World History, beginning with the first civilizations and ending with the Roman Empire.

Our eighth grade study World History, beginning with Christianity and ending with the European discovery of the Americas.

Instruction is engaging and hands-on.  Quarterly assessments will be administered in the form of Document-Based Questions (DBQs) and Performance-Based Assessments (PBAs).  Our course curricula are aligned with the 2014 NJ State Standards for Social Studies (see pages 13-17 and 35-39).

Since Social Studies calls on strong literacy skills, our Social Studies teachers understand that they are literacy teachers as well as history/social studies teachers.  As such, they will attempt to assist students in meeting the targets of the Common Core standards for Literacy and Writing in Social Studies.
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