Superintendent's Corner

April 2, 2020 

Hello Piscataway Families, 

I sincerely hope you are all staying safe and getting along well during this difficult time. I wanted to update you on a few things as we close the third marking period this Friday and move into the fourth marking period on Monday. Our wonderful community is working hard in partnership with our schools, keeping our students on track with their learning. I want to truly thank the parents and guardians for all your hard work; we know this situation is difficult as you continue to manage your households. Please see below for some important information. 

Marking Period 3

Marking period 3 comes to a close on Friday, April 3, 2020. All marking period Genesis timelines remain the same and you will be notified when your child’s grades are available in Genesis. The teaching staff received guidance regarding grading for these last three weeks, taking into consideration the challenges families may have at home. 

Marking Period 4

Marking Period 4 begins and we have established logical schedules and realistic expectations that will provide more structure for students as well as parents. We have set schedule expectations for each building level, which are located on our website. To access them, click here and select your school’s level, found on the left side of the webpage.  These schedules allow students the flexibility to interact with their classes and complete assigned work at times that best fit their household situation. 

Video/Streaming Learning Platforms

I have spoken to many families, especially in the lower grades, about video and streaming learning platforms such as Zoom. Over the past three weeks we have been working hard to meet the legal student privacy requirements. Beginning with the start of the fourth marking period, we are encouraging our staff members to interact with their classes through platforms such as Video Schoology and Zoom. Staff members have the option to use Schoology or Zoom to hold a live class or create a video lesson that students can access as they can complete their work. Please note, this will not be the only way instruction is delivered. Teachers are asked to use a variety of methods to deliver instruction. Please contact your child’s teacher or building principal if you have any questions. 

We have provided simple directions from Zoom to access their platform. We have put the link on our website and you can access it here. 

iPad Repairs

Parents or students who request an iPad repair should access the ITHelpDesk link found under the Remote/Virtual Instructional Plan tab to fill out a short questionnaire that details their problem. Our IT team will respond quickly to address all repair issues. 

Internet Service

As we previously communicated, many companies such as Optimum, Altice, and Comcast are offering free internet service during this crisis. Please contact your local provider to access this service. For your convenience, you can access the Altice information here. 

Counseling Services Still Available

Please remember our counselors are available and ready to help. Our high school counselors continue to work with students as they navigate the college process during these difficult times. But all our counselors at every grade level are here for our students. If your child needs someone to talk to about school work or grades, friendships, or other problems, they can turn to their school counselor as a first step toward getting the help they need and deserve. And also remember, The Haven is available to all our families, offering distance counseling as needed. If your child is feeling stressed, they can text or call the Haven hotline at 888-222-2228. 

We are committed to providing the best education and support possible in these challenging times. Please contact your child’s principal if you need help with your education in any way. 

Very Sincerely,


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Dr. Frank Ranelli
Superintendent of Schools